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The Pop Culture

Music, film and literature debate

Discussion, views and opinions of pop culture
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All Members , Moderated
Ever heard a song, read a book or seen a movie that's made you want to tell the whole world about it? Here's the place. We offer and encourage insightful and friendly debate of everything that can be fit into the rather broad term of Popular Culture.

Here you can feel free to post essays or reviews, polls, or simply ask questions that may spark debate. Please bear in mind that this is a debating community so please think before you post that people may want to discuss your piece, perhaps disagree with what's been said.

Here are some basic ground rules and guidelines:

- Be polite. By all means argue, but make it constructive. Bitchiness or petty rudeness will not be tolerated.

-Sell your opinions. We don't want to know what your favourite sitcom is, we want to know why it is your favourite sitcom.

-No flaming. Freedom of speech is very important to us all and we all have a right to share it with others. If you disagree then debate it.

-Long articles or picture to be put behind an LJ cut please.

-After you've made a post, feel free to edit the tags and choose from the selection provided. If you have a suggestion for a new tag then please let us know.

-People may upload 1 or 2 songs by an artist, but no full albums and please friends lock any posts that contain shared files.

-Please format your posts like this:

(Category) Post title that references genre, artist etc talked about

With category being film, music, ps2 gaming, literature etc. You can make your title whatever you want but try and make it sound interesting! :-)

These aren't many requests as we would like this to be a "say what you want, do as you please" community. So please, respect the rules that we have laid out.

This community is maintained by theimposter and opal_fruits and moderated by curiositykate and flibble_2000ad